A water leak was located in the toilet. He replaced the filll valve, flush valve and handle.
Comments: While we were out of state on a serious family problem, our neighbor called us to tell us the water company had turned off our water because 58,000 gallons of water had been used and we were not at home to check on the problem. My nieces checked the inside of the house for damage and found none. Since the water had been turned off they didn’t know what the problem was so one of them called Bryan at Fred Waston Plumbing. He called us in Ohio, agreed to meet my niece at a certain time to assess if the leak were inside or outside. He determined it was a toilet. He made another appointment to return and repair the problem. He showed up on time and completed the work professionally and for a fair price.

Rita Risha

We used Fred Weston Plumbing, Incorporated in April 2011 for repairing a pool line.
Comments: It went very well. He was on time, did a good job and most importantly, fixed the problem. He was punctual and ethical. He had great workmanship. We would like to grade him the highest.

Aarika Cottingham

Replace wax ring and reset stool. Replace O ring in leaking kitchen faucet.
Comments: Everything went as planned without incident.

Daniel Keuhn

Went through kitchen cabinets and drywall to locate burst water pipes then cut out the damaged copper pipe and replaced it with Pex. Comments: The service provider was punctual, professional, and efficient in locating and repairing two split water pipes which resulted from freezing in a downstairs kitchen where the pipes in back of the drywall behind the cabinets ran close to the exterior wall. He was carefully to minimize damage to both the cabinets and drywall so that repairs needed would be minimal. He explained what he was doing and why at each step of the process and offered advice on how to prevent frozen pipes in the future.

Carol Durham

They came out and put in a new hot water tank. The experience went very well. The response time was excellent.

Roy Roberts

He was here when he said he would be and finished in the approximate time he estimated. My only hesitation in giving an excellent over a good is that my husband had to mention a couple of things that needed to be finished or adjusted and had this work been done for me ( if I lived alone) I would not have known that these things needed to be done. I would still recommend this organization because he was easy to work worth and professional and made the adjustments quickly.

Helene Stone